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AQUACULTURE in Norway. SEAFOOD The largest seafood suppliers, wild catch and aquaculture - quantity (FAO, 2006)

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Presentasjon om: "AQUACULTURE in Norway. SEAFOOD The largest seafood suppliers, wild catch and aquaculture - quantity (FAO, 2006)"— Utskrift av presentasjonen:


2 SEAFOOD The largest seafood suppliers, wild catch and aquaculture - quantity (FAO, 2006)

3 SEAFOOD The largest exporters of seafood - value (FAO, 2006)

4 SEAFOOD Value in billion NOK (milliarder norske kroner) (6000 mill. euro 2008)


6 Export value and subsidies – in seafood industry 1962-2008 Næringstiltak i fiskerinæringen (def. subsidier) er på 54 mil. kr

7 NORWEGIAN AQUACULTURE 1300 licenses konsesjoner 4500 employees ansatte

8 NORWEGIAN AQUACULTURE in southern part of Norway I------------30km-----------I

9 Oppdrett i Nord-Troms + Havbrukstasjonen Arnøy Laks adm / slakteri Singla Kågen Uløy Jøkelfjord Laks administrasjon og slakteri - samfunnshuset Lerøy A. slakteri Artic Salmon Rotsund Hamneidet Lyngsskjellan Jøkelsmolt settefisk Lerøy Aurora Matfisk Vorterøy ’ Kåfjord/ Lyngen Jøkelfjord Edelfisk settefisk Jøkelfjord Laks matfisk Ytre Hamnebukt Alteidet Nøklan Karvika Havbrukstasjonen Landanlegget Sjøanlegget Torskealegget Wilsgård Settefisk Elvevoll settefisk

10 Marin fish COD HALIBUT TURBOT SPOTTED WOLFFISH Freshwater anadrom fish SALMON RAINBOW TROUT FISH SPECIES norwegian aquaculture

11 ATLANTIC SALMON Production of Norwegian salmon

12 SALMON – life history 1 y 2 y 3 y river Parr, fingerling smolt migrates to the sea 30-40 gram salmon Migrates back to spawing location – spawning in the autumn Return to the river in the summer SALMONFISHING ! SEAWATER SPAWNING – many die after spawning FRESHWATER SEA WATER

13 Natural life cycle – salmon SMOLT 11-22 cm (20-30 g) Mature after 2-4 years in the sea FRESHWATER Becomes ready for a life in seawater: - silvering - salt excretion - schools In the river 2- 5 y PARR, fingerling SEA WATER EGGS YOLK SAC LARVAE Eyed eggs

14 Salmon Production SMOLT PRODUCTION BREEDING STATION WELL BOAT HARVESTING PLANT – Slaughter companies Breeding stock Eggs Eyed eggs YOLK SAC LARVAE FRESHWATER SEA WATER PARR SEA CAGE To the BIG,Big world!! SMOLT (80-100 g)

15 Salmon farming - why success ? Catch of wild salmon (in rivers) : 150 tonnes (2007) Aquaculture production: 800 000 tonnes (2008) Biological research and development Dry feed, Effective vaccines, Breeding programme, Sea sites – long coastline, pure seawater Technology

16 Fish farming unit

17 Sea cages

18 Sea cage Depth: 50 m Volum: 100.000 m 3

19 Slaughtering Lerøy Aurora, Skjervøy Ca. 240 tonn sløyet laks pr. døgn (2 skift) Ca 70 000tonn pr år - tilsvarer mer enn 4000 vogntog! –som blir ca. 12 vogntog pr. dag – 12 wagons each day! hvert vogntog er lastet med 70.000 middager ! Each wagon has 70 000 diners !!

20 SIZE OF EGG AND LARVAE Cod Turbot Halibut Wolfish Salmon Live feed Dry feed

21 The rotifers have low nutritional quality for the fish larvae The rotifers therefore have to be fed with special ingrediens to contain the sufficient level of omega-3 fatty acids Live feed Most marin fish species can not synthetize the omega-3 fatty acids The origin of the omega -3 fatty acids are marin phyto- plankton (algae) and marin fish are aquire the fatty acids because the fatty acids are following in the food chain

22 Day 0 a. hatching. Day 14Day 21Day 40 ”GREEN WATER” algae Yolk sac depletedt DRY FEED FEEDING OF COD LARVAE ROTIFERS

23 COD FARMING Broodstock – natural spawing Egg sampling Larvae fed with live feed (rotifers) Fingerlings fed with dry feed Grown to app. 50 g Transfered to sea cages

24 Cod in sea cage

25 Codfishing in Norway - BIG-FISHERMEN!!

26 Even bigger fisherman……..

27 HALIBUT FARMING Broodstock – spawing Egg sampling – kept in dark tanks

28 HALIBUT FARMING Larvae fed with live feed (artemia) Larvae fed with dry feed Metamorphosis Rared in tanks – needs bottom

29 Halibut in sea cages Transfered to sea cages

30 Halibut in sea cage

31 SEA URCHIN FARMING Spat producer Feeding with dry feed Marked size app. 50 g Gonads are eaten Price in market : 150eur/kg!!

32 Next species in norwegian farming ? monk fish, angler fish

33 Red king crab


35 Takk for oppmerksomheten – work hard and be kind to your teachers! Thank you for your antation!

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