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The University of Oslo – Internationalization after Bologna International Education Office.

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1 The University of Oslo – Internationalization after Bologna International Education Office

2 Erasmus figures 2002-2006 20022003200420052006 Incoming Erasmus students 140 (375) 187 (500) 215 (537) 324 (678) 359 (734) Outgoing Erasmus students 192 (369) 155 (270) 171 (621) 234 (803) 251 (937)

3 The Bologna declaration of 1999 Objectives:  To remove obstacles to student mobility  To enhance the attractiveness of European Higher Education  Common structure of higher education systems across Europe (three cycles: 3+2+3) → A European Higher Education Area by 2010 and to promote the European system of higher education worldwide

4 Help! What do we do? How?

5 Lobbying towards decision makers (university leaders, politicians, ministry) Keeping internationalization high on the agenda

6 The follow-up on national level  White Paper of May 2001 with strong emphasis on internationalization  The Quality Reform of 2003  Higher Education Reform  Institutional governance structure  New funding system  Increased internationalization

7 Internationalization within the reform •Increased student mobility –Study abroad opportunities for all students –More international students on campus •Courses and programmes in English –Emphasis on formal exchange agreements and programs (Erasmus, bilateral agreements etc.) –Increased co-operation with developing countries (national programs) –Co-operation with non-English speaking countries •Student mobility integrated in the funding system

8 How to convince local decision makers in times of big changes? This is momentum; more lobbying! •Secure support from the university leaders •Find the enthusiasts •Talk to All The Important People •What’s in it for them? Any money? •Write in university papers •Participate in meetings •Make noise and don’t give up!

9 The University of Oslo’s Response to the Challenge - the International Dimension •Modules in English / Standard course packages •Opportunities for study abroad in the new programs •The Student Mobility Project – strategy for student mobility •Network of administrative staff •Increased central financing •Alliance with the student organisations •Systematic development of partnerships abroad •Information, branding (uio@etc.), focus on reciprocity/recruitment •Online application process


11 6. sem Fordypning i kultur- /samfunnsfag/språk Områdeemne: LATAM3501 - Oppgavekurs – Latinamerikansk områdekunnskapLATAM3501 - Oppgavekurs – Latinamerikansk områdekunnskap 5. sem Kultur-/samfunnsfag Evt. utenlandsopphold Fordypning i kultur- /samfunnsfag/språk Evt. utenlandsopphold Fordypning i kultur- /samfunnsfag/språk Evt. utenlandsopphold 4. sem Kultur-/samfunnsfag SpråkemneOmrådeemne LATAM2501LATAM2501 3. semKultur-/samfunnsfagSpråkemneOmrådeemne LATAM2502LATAM2502 2. semEx.fac.SpråkemneKultur-/samfunnsfag 1. semEx.phil.Språkemne Områdeemne: IBER1501 Den iberiske verden - en historisk innføringIBER1501 Den iberiske verden - en historisk innføring

12 6. semIBER3101 – TranslatologiPOR2102: Portugisisk språk DLATAM3501 - Oppgavekurs 5. sem Universidade de São Paulo (ta 10 poeng i områdestudier, 10 i språk og 10 i økonomi) 4. sem ECON1410 - Internasjonal økonomi POR1314 - Portugisiskspråklig litteratur, innføring (Brasil) ECON1910 - Poverty and distribution in dev. countries 3. sem POR2101 - Portugisisk språkkunnskap C POR1102 - Portugisisk språkkunnskap B LATAM 2502 – Problemer i det post-koloniale Latin-Amerika 2. semEx.fac. POR1101 - Portugisisk språkkunnskap A ECON1210 - Forbruker, bedrift og marked 1. semEx.phil. POR0101 - Innføringskurs i portugisisk IBER1501 Den iberiske verden - en historisk innføring


14 Programmes and courses in English •800 individual courses taught in Englishcourses –Within most academic fields •39 Master's Degree Programmes offered in EnglishProgrammes –Law, Economics, Education, –Health Sciences, –History, Philosophy, and Culture Studies, –Religion and Theology, –Information Technology and Informatics, –Language and Literature, Mathematics, Natural Science and Technology –Media Studies –Social Sciences and Psychology •Bachelor programmes in Norwegian •Language programmes in a variety of languages •International Summer School, UiO

15 Impact on UiO’s internationalization •Student mobility more than doubled since 2002 •800 courses offered in English •Increased number of international students, particularly European •Increased agreement portfolio –Bilateral agreements in 2006: 154 –Erasmus agreements in 2006: 381 •Mainstreaming



18 Some of the current and future challenges •Closer link between student mobility and research •Convincing the scientific staff about the actual benefits (and accepting the costs) •Convincing Norwegian students to go abroad •Convincing more international students to come •Internationalization at home – integration in strategic planning on all levels

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