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The Trondheim Toll Ring System

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1 The Trondheim Toll Ring System
by Tore Hoven Head of Traffic Department Norwegian Public Roads Administration Welcome to Trondheim My name is Truls Johnsen and I work as Information Officer for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration I’m going to talk about BACKGROUND OLD SYSTEM NEW REVISED SYSTEM INFORMATION ABOUT THE SYSTEM -Politicians -Public “GRINDGUTTEN”

2 What was the traffic problems in Trondheim ?
congestion traffic accidents cost 50 mill £/year delay cost for commercial traffic : 25 mill. £ /year heavy traffic through city centre traffic noise and pollution

3 The traffic problems

4 Congestion

5 Pedestrians, cyclists, trucks...

6 The situation and desired situation
The solution The problem

7 The solution: A new complete transportation system
good and safe main road system a new bypass outside city center complete dedicated road network for pedestrians and cyclists improved public transport system dedicated bus lanes bus priority system new information system

8 The new transport system - The Trondheim Package

9 Financial agreement Toll revenues 60 %
Extra funding 40 % (from central government) Total cost mill NOK Concession until year 2005

10 The Toll Ring System

11 Toll ring proposal free electronic tag to all car owners in the Trondheim area 10 unattended toll plazas, only one attended toll plaza operating period AM - 5 PM , MON - FRI higher charges during morning peak (from 6 AM - 10 AM)

12 Pricing system Discount tag users 10 - 50 % (based on prepaid amount)
Basic price: kr (inbound traffic) Discount tag users % (based on prepaid amount) Discount after 10 am % Max one paid trip per hour Max 75 paid trips per month

13 The Trondheim Toll Ring in operation
System opened 14 October 1991 A technical success Fully electronic from start Increasing public acceptance Great international interest

14 An unmanned toll plaza

15 Urban toll plaza

16 Key results 80 mill NOK in toll revenues every year for investment in transport infrastructure no queues, 95 % use electronic tag system electronic tag users perfect technical system 10 % reduction in car traffic crossing the toll ring during tolling period 7 % increased use of city bus system

17 Public Attitude to the 1991 Toll Ring

18 New revised system from 1998
include more users of the road network change from one cordon system to a sector pricing system time extension, charging period 6 am - 6pm basic price 12 NOK max one paid trip per hour max 60 paid trips per month

19 The New revised system 17 charging points Sector system
140 mill NOK in toll revenues every year

20 Expected results Revenues : 140 mill NOK /year
Operating cost : 10 mill NOK New road and transportation network completed before year 2008 The main traffic problems already solved

21 Political Objectives To develop the future transport system for Trondheim after the toll ring period (2005) To reduce peak period traffic problems To increase the use of public transport To reduce the health problems caused by traffic (air quality, noise, accidents etc.) To raise funds for construction, maintenance and operation of the transport system It is clearly said by local politicians that money coming from a local urban pricing initiative shall be governed by the municipality

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