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GMO-situation in Norway Kathrine & Marte, Nordic-Baltic NGO meeting 2012.

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1 GMO-situation in Norway Kathrine & Marte, Nordic-Baltic NGO meeting 2012

2 No GM food legalized • Norway is not an EU member • Gets applictaions for marketing of GMOs via the EEA (European Economic Agreement) • 12 GMOs approved for sale in Norway: Varieties of tobacco and ornamental flowers • 5 GMOs banned in Norway: 3 types of oil seed rape, one corn variety and one cikory • No field trials (some contained research)

3 GM free feed (so far…) No GMOs are approved for feed use so far Unclear situation in aquaculture (fish feed) The entire Agricultural business is sceptical and pays a premium price to get GM free soy from Brazil

4 40+ applications pending • Coalition govt, minor parties sceptical. Major party in govt (social democrats) more concerned about free trade. • 4 applications has been pending for 4 years • 39 applications in the pipeline…

5 The Norwegian Gene Technology Act Deliberale release of GMOs: -No adverse health effects -No harm to the environment -Benefit to the society -Contribute to sustainable developement GMO-Free Europe Conference 2010

6 Nettwork for GM free food and feed • Precautionary principle • Demand more research 18 organisations: Biologisk-dynamisk forening, Coop Handel Norge, Debio, Framtiden i våre hender, Greenpeace, Grønn hverdag, Natur og Ungdom, Naturvernforbundet, Norges Birøkterlag, Norges Bondelag, Norges Bygdekvinnelag, Norges Bygdeungdomslag, Norges Miljøvernforbund, Norsk bonde- og småbrukarlag, Norsk landbrukssamvirke, Oikos – Økologisk Norge, Spire – Utviklingsfondets Ungdom, Utviklingsfondet + Coop Norge Handel

7 How influential is the Network?

8 Past campaigns Trying to make the politicians aware of and proud of the Gene Tech Act

9 Current campains Information campain in 2012 • •


11 Soya, bomull, mais og oljeraps

12 Future plans

13 Nordic-baltic cooperation • We are here to listen and learn • KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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