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What is a good text? And how do we get pupils to write them?

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1 What is a good text? And how do we get pupils to write them?

2 My background 14 years in lower secondary Bergen Katedralskole since 1989 HIB since August 2008 Member of the exam committee Eng Vg1

3 What I’m not I do not represent Udir today

4 Is this a text? By Elisabeth (floruit circa 1979) “There was a man. He wanted to buy a djornia.”

5 Vurderingsveiledningen sier For karakteren 2: Eleven kan i noen grad bruke variert setningsbygging

6 For 4 og 3 Eleven kan – bruke et ordforråd som er stort nok til å uttrykke det meste om et gitt tema – bruke variert setningsbygging – bruke rimelig korrekt ortografi og språkføring – vise god kontroll på tegnsettingen

7 En god tekst (6 og 5) Eleven kan skrive en tekst med en passende grunnstruktur og en hensiktsmessig bruk av avsnitt. Eleven kan skrive en tekst med logisk oppbygning og god flyt. Eleven kan markere sammenhengen mellom avsnitt gjennom en rimelig variert bruk av tekstbindere

8 What does the word text mean? From Latin ”texere” = to weave Cognate with textile and texture

9 Therefore A text is more than a list of sentences. Sentences must be woven together There should be a clear structure with introduction, body and conclusion The text is divided into paragraphs

10 Paragraphs God paragraphs will often have the same structure: Topic sentence Supporting sentences Closing sentence

11 ”Variert setningsbygging” What can this entail? Sentence length Variation in the first word Not just S-V-O sentences Simple, compound, complex Some use of non-finite clauses Conscious (and sparing) use of incomplete sentences And no, I don’t expect the kids to know these terms!

12 A very good text will have A good structure Balance A thread Drive/direction Flow Variation Functional language Relevant content

13 What is flow? The language feels smooth, effortless, natural and idiomatic The text is easy to read and follow. True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, As those move easiest who have learned to dance

14 Questions?

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