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JavaONE 2006 Diverse og sånt.. Totto

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Presentasjon om: "JavaONE 2006 Diverse og sånt.. Totto"— Utskrift av presentasjonen:

1 JavaONE 2006 Diverse og sånt.. Totto

2 08.06.05  Agenda  Faglig  Technical Sessions  BOFs  Annet  JavaONE 2006 målt mot tidligere konferanser  javaBin/JavaZone @ JavaONE  selvskryt og sånt..  Expo/Stand/Mini-talks  Ikke helt JavaONE  CL unconference workshop  Netbeans day

3 08.06.05 Oppfordring: avbryt meg med spørsmål

4 08.06.05 Technical Sessions TS-1756 Java™ Technology and REST: Implementing the Atom Protocol TS-3217 Transparently Clustered Spring -- A Runtime Solution for Java™ Technology TS-2002 What Is Happening With SOA in Open Source? TS-3117 Advanced Sun™ Grid - Creating Applications for Horizontal Scale TS-5386 Groovy Goes RFID with Smart Sensors for Real-World Control TS-1685 Blu-ray: Java™ Technology Goes Hollywood! TS-1188 The Continuing Adventures of Java™ Puzzlers: Tiger Traps TS-3625 Scaling the Java™ Environment in Four Dimensions TS-1365 Extending EJB™ 3.0 With Interceptors TS-1580 JUnit 4 and Java™ SE 5: Better Testing by Design TS-3059 JRuby: Bringing Ruby to the JVM™ Software

5 08.06.05 Technical Sessions TS-3886 Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java™ Platform TS-5547 High Performance: Writing a Sony PlayStation Emulator in Java™ Technology TS-3412 New Compiler Optimizations in the Java HotSpot™ Virtual Machine TS-3108 Sigrid: The Simplest Possible Grid Computing Platform TS-3714 Flash-Gridding with Java™ Technology: Using Project Glassfish SM, Jini™/JavaSpaces™, and Groovy as an Environment for an Open Source, Self- Assembling Supercomputer TS-2991 Smackdown for AJAX Programming Models and Frameworks TS-1315 How to Build a Scalable Multiplexed Server With NIO TS-1161 Evolving JavaServer™ Faces Technology: AJAX Done Right TS-1956 Designing Manageable J2EE™ Platform-Based Applications With JMX™ Technology TS-8614 AJAX & Persistence: Emerging Patterns & Pain Points

6 08.06.05 BOFs BOF-2832 Portlet Best Practices BOF-0759 Creating a Digital Ecosystem: Service- Oriented Architectures With Distributed Evolutionary Computing BOF-0498 "The Collections Connection" (Ninth Edition) BOF-0443 Integrating XML Into the Java™ Programming Language: Q&A BOF-0268 Jini™ and JavaSpaces™ Technologies BOF-0314 Java™ Technology on 64-Bit Platforms: Advantages and Disadvantages BOF-0260 Java™ Champions - The Latest Buzz, Highlights, & Panel Discussion. BOF-0520 Customizing the "Grizzly" NIO Framework BOF-0518 Multi JVM™ Control Panel: A Mechanism for Monitoring and Controlling Java™ Virtual Machines BOF-1234 JSR-291: Dynamic Component Support for the Java™ SE Platform

7 08.06.05  Annet  To SF area Java User group meetings  Global JUG Leader meet-up  javaBin/JavaZone mini-talk  @ community leader workshop  @ mini-talk på JavaONE Pavillion  javaBin JavaONE meet-up  masse møter med Sun sjefer...  JCP community awards  Thirsty Bear

8 08.06.05  JavaONE målt mot tidligere år  samme antall deltakere som i fjor (17-18k)  Schedule builder en katastrofe!!  Man dør fortsatt av sult..  dårlig faglig nivå på første dag  mere tudelig tema i år: Java EE 5 (m/ Netbeans)  undertemaer:  AJAX  scripting  Open sourcing Java  (GRID)  IBM hadde all-time high keynote (Eclipse)  BEA hadde all-time low keynote (selvskryt)  Vi savner Scott McNealy

9 08.06.05 javaBin/JavaZone @ JavaONE

10 08.06.05 Sun Java Champions

11 08.06.05 En gang helt...

12 08.06.05 – CC & CL un-conference

13 08.06.05 Ikke helt JavaONE

14 08.06.05  CL unconference workshop  mye engasjement, ’tungt beist’  rom for større professionalisme  nærhet til undermiljøene...  svn støtte er revolusjonen fra i fjor  Netbeans day  skjedd mye siden i fjor  Java EE 5  embedded glassfish & Open ESB  lovende JBI integrasjon  Matisse  Mobile  Maven plugin  Bra sted å treffe viktige Sun folk før kaoset

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