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DOLPHIN INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS AS Hugo Kohmann CTO Olaf Helsets vei 6 NO-0619 Oslo, Norway Phone: +47 23.

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1 DOLPHIN INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS AS Hugo Kohmann CTO Olaf Helsets vei 6 NO-0619 Oslo, Norway Phone: +47 23 16 70 00 Fax: +47 23 16 71 80

2 Company Overview Spin-off from the Norwegian Computer company Norsk Data in 1992 Venture Capital Funding from 1993 Experience SCI based in high speed computer interconnect from 1988 Employees, 19 in Oslo, Sales in Oslo, Paris, Lyon, London, Hannover and Los Angeles World Wide Reps, Resellers and Integrators Logistics Center in Natick MA First Application of Dolphin Technology, Convex Exemplar, 1994 Shipping Customers, SUN, Thales, Fujitsu Siemens, Philips, Auspex, Scali, + + +

3 SCI Standard - Dolphin SCI Technology WHAT IS SCI?  The SCI standard ANSI/IEEE 1596-1992 defines a point-to-point interface and a set of packet protocols.  The protocols use small packet sizes with a 16-byte header and data sizes of 16, 64, 128 and 256 bytes.  Packets are protected by a 16-bit CRC code.  An SCI interface has two unidirectional links that operate concurrently.  The SCI protocols support shared memory by encapsulating bus requests and responses into SCI request and response packets.  Bus like protocol with Packet-based handshake protocols and guaranteed data delivery.  64 bits addressing and the most significant 16 bits are used for addressing up to 64K nodes.  A set of cache coherence protocols are defined to maintain cache coherence in a shared memory system.  Message passing is supported by a compatible subset of the SCI protocols. This protocol subset does not invoke SCI cache coherency protocols.

4 Dolphin Products SCI network PCI SCI Adapter Cards SCI Switches SCI Chips Card IRM, SISCI API, IP Windows, Solaris, Linux, Lynx, VxWorks Hardware PMC SCI Adapter Card I/O Subsystem Modules

5 Unique Features of the Dolphin SCI/PCI Technolgy Bus Bridging Capability  Bus Requests and Responses are translated directly in HW to Request and Response Packets  Point to Point Links gives Bus Performance and Latency over Distance Ultra Low Latency, High Bandwidth  1.4us to deliver 4 bytes, 14.4us to deliver 4k bytes  326 MegaBytes/s sustained throughput Choice of Topologies  Ring, Torus, Switched – Hundreds of nodes Wide Application Area Well Proven, Shipped to Critical Applications for >6 years

6 SISCI Esprit Project 73124  Software Infrastructure for SCI Application Programming Interface (API)  Low Level SCI Programming User space Access to basic SCI and Adapter properties  High Bandwidth  Low Latency  Memory Mapped Remote Access  DMA Engine  Interrupts  Callbacks

7 Mulig oppgave 1 SCI som Reflektiv Memory  Transparent distribusjon av lokale data til andre maskiner  Problemstillinger Regulære intervaller eller ved behov 2 maskiner, mange maskiner Effektive algoritmer for multicast Feilhåndtering Synkronisering  Implementere software over SISCI/GENIF  Benchmarking

8 Mulig oppgave 2 Portabel Fast socket kommunikasjon for SCI  Problemstillinger Effektive protokoller Portabilitet mellom operativsystemer og plattformer Minimalisering av resurser Feilhåndtering  Transparent / ikke transparent løsninger  Implementere løsning over SISCI

9 Mulig oppgave 3 Effektiv DMA implementasjon for PCI-X  Problemstillinger Effektive protokoller for sending av data over SCI Effektive Software DMA programmerings modeller Feilhåndtering  Implementere prototype i eksisterende FPGA  Grunnlag for Dolphin’s neste generasjons PCI-X SCI Bridge

10 Oppgaver hos Dolphin Dolphin vil stille med nødvendige resurser for gjennomføring av oppgaven(e).  Kontor  Test maskiner / utstyr  Veiledningskapasitet Oppgaven(e) bør gjennomføres på normert tid. Hvis du er interessert, ta kontakt for diskusjon.

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