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Genealogy in Norway DIS-Norge 22. February 2011 Salt Lake City Torill Johnsen.

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1 Genealogy in Norway DIS-Norge 22. February 2011 Salt Lake City Torill Johnsen

2 Agenda •DIS-Norge; organization and activities •10 tips for research in Norway

3 DIS-Norge • Started 1990 • 9200 members • 19 regional groups • Aprox. 30 local groups • Largest organization for genealogists in Norway Main aim  a countrywide forum  genealogy and persons  computers and internet as assistance  knowledge on both issues to be communicated  stimulate genealogy work in Norway

4 Our web-site You will find links to our main activities. This page gives you news related to genealogy

5 On web-site •DIS-shop •Calender – what happens •Big cities (Oslo) •Map entrance

6 Internet •Offering internet-based information and services which will be valuable for genealogists •Establish a good environment

7 Slektsfaglig - Genealogy •What about more advanced researchers •Answer questions •Reach a higher professional level •Offer information under the topic genealogy




11 Networked blogs


13 Social media •Twitter –DIS-Norge –Slekt og Data •Adopted manifesto on communication •Annual meeting –Sound track –Chat •Ideas –YouTube –iPad app

14 10 tips for Genealogists

15 1 •Start talking to ancestors and others in order to collect as much information as possible from older relatives, before any other work –Information –Pictures with no name!


17 2 •Find a genealogy program.

18 3 •Start planning your research –How are you going to register information –Sources –Are all sources good?

19 Before you start •Maiden names •Place names •Norwegian names: –First name –Patronym –Address •Ole Olsen Haugen –Fixed surnames perhaps in 1900 census

20 Sources at DIS-Norge •Koblede manntallKoblede manntall •Våre FalneVåre Falne •KartKart •PrivatarkivenePrivatarkivene •Nordisk ordbokNordisk ordbok •DiverseDiverse •Aust-AgderAust-Agder •HordalandHordaland •Møre og RomsdalMøre og Romsdal •OpplandOppland •Oslo/AkershusOslo/Akershus •Sør-TrøndelagSør-Trøndelag •TelemarkTelemark

21 4 •Look for more information on your ancestry –Digitalarkivet –RHD –Gravminner i Norge –Genress – geografical –Bygdebok –Family Search


23 Gravminner •Gravestones in Norway •40,973,385 searches performed since 25 august 2005 •2,157,144 grave-stones included •1,004,967 with pictures

24 Gravminner •Census 1910 •Mobility – bigger cities •Girls get married

25 Genealogical ressources Where can I find information? •Genealogical sources in Norway •Information for beginners •Some ressources outside Norway •Soft- and hardware •Maps •Organizations/ institutions •Information channels •Emigration and immigration

26 Where can I find information?

27 Bygdebøker •Akershus: Bygdebok for Frogn. Gårdshistorien av Haakon Falck Myckland, utgitt 1967.Bygdebok for Frogn. Gårdshistorien •Kråkstad. En bygdebok av M. Østlid m.fl.Kråkstad. En bygdebok •Bygdebøker for Nittedal og Hakadal. Gårdshistorie og bygdehistorie av Birger Kirkeby.Bygdebøker for Nittedal og Hakadal •Hedmark: Sør-Odal: Sør-Odal bygdebok - gardshistorie Forf. Birger Kirkeby.Sør-Odal bygdebok - gardshistorie •Os og Tolga: Felles bygdehistorie for Tolga og Os. (Bygdebok under arbeid). Forf. Jon Ola Gjermundsen.Felles bygdehistorie for Tolga og Os •"Bygdebøker" can contain farm history, genealogy and history of that area or region

28 5 •Ask for help and help others –Slektsforum –DISchat –DIStreff –Slektsforskerbasen

29 Whom can I ask?

30 But I cannot wait…

31 Who researches where?

32 6 •Broaden your work and learn more about genealogy –Participate in organized work (lag) –Look at ”Slekt og Data” –Våre Røtter (in Norwegian) –Slektslitteratur

33 Slekt og Data •Magazine for our members •4 issues per year •About the organization •History •Genealogy •Computers •Technology

34 •Bergsmoslekta frå Vinne i Verdal •Slektsbok for Samson-ætta, Bersvein-ætta og Samson-ætta •Farbu-slekta •Øver-Salberg-ætta •Slektshefte for etterkommere etter Marit og Karl Markhus

35 7 •Maps: modern and historical

36 Map showing church- borders in 1801 and municipal boarders in 1979

37 8 •Start contributing •Churchbooks indexing •Census 1875 •Photo GiN

38 Church book indexing • Making all searchable – Big project – Finances? – Motivation – Recruiting • Cooperation with Riksarkivaren

39 …..and I can also search for him!

40 9 •Let your relatives share what you have compiled –CD –Reports –Book? –Webpage

41 Lag slektsbok • “How to make a book about your relatives” – do something with your collection • It is important to pass on information, and think about how to do it

42 Lag slektsbok •I am no author •Do I have something to tell •How can I pass on information •Different media

43 Interesting?

44 Maybe more interesting?

45 Another way to present it

46 10 •Remember to look up all information you find on the internet in the original sources

47 Thank you

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