Presentasjon lastes. Vennligst vent

Presentasjon lastes. Vennligst vent

/v/ og /w/. Desse to figurane kjem til å følgje oss gjennom presentasjonen: Villiam er spesialist på uttale av /v/. William er spesialist på uttale av.

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Presentasjon om: "/v/ og /w/. Desse to figurane kjem til å følgje oss gjennom presentasjonen: Villiam er spesialist på uttale av /v/. William er spesialist på uttale av."— Utskrift av presentasjonen:

1 /v/ og /w/

2 Desse to figurane kjem til å følgje oss gjennom presentasjonen: Villiam er spesialist på uttale av /v/. William er spesialist på uttale av /w/.

3 Både norsk og engelsk har /v/-lydar, men dei blir uttalte på ulike måtar. Norsk har ikkje /w/-lyd. (Wenche og Willy får namna sine uttalte med /v/-lyd på norsk).

4 Uttale av engelsk /v/: Uttale av engelsk /w/:

5 Vi samanliknar engelsk /v/, norsk /v/ og engelsk /w/

6 Engelsk /v/ (stemt labiodental frikativ) Lufta strøymer ut mellom underleppa og tennene: BBC pronunciation: rammar/pron/sounds/con_voiced_5.shtml (Klikk ”download” for full skjerm). Animasjon: (manner > fricatives >v)

7 Sjå uttalen av ordet ”vat”: nunciation/video/vvat.mpg

8 Norsk /v/ (stemt labiodental approksimant) Norsk /v/ blir uttalt på nesten same måte, men har ein ”slappare” uttale enn engelsk /v/. Underleppa er ikkje nødvendigvis i kontakt med tennene. Hald leppa nærare tennene når du uttalar engelsk /v/.

9 Engelsk /w/ (stemt labio-velar approksimant) Den bakre delen av tunga er heva mot ganen (bakre del av munnen) slik at det blir ein friksjonslyd når lufta strøymer ut. Det er det same som når du seier ”o”. Samtidig blir det laga ein friksjonslyd mellom leppene, som er nesten lukka. Leppene er runda. /w/ blir artikulert på to stadar samtidig: Animasjon: (manner > glides > w)

10 BBC pronunciation: (Klikk ”download” for full skjerm). Sjå uttalen av ordet ”wow”: Slik uttalar du /w/:

11 Lær engelsk /v/ og /w/ av barne-TV Cullen’s ABC: Bokstaven /v/: 1621473557453905766&ei=5E7qSImNJI_EiAK BnLycBg&q=letter+v+Cullen&emb=1 Bokstaven /w/: =3312706780614511606&ei=1U3qSIexNo uWiQKb8tCcBg&q=letter+w&emb=1

12 Compare /v/ and /w/: vinewine




16 Vi øvar på engelsk /v/

17 Say these words with a correct English /v/:

18 Say these words, too, with a correct English /v/:

19 … and these ones:

20 Say these words, which contain a /v/:

21 Key – say the words again: guava carve movie ivyivy vase vegetable pave beaver shiver

22 A dialogue with /v/ A: How did you avoid a parking violation? B: Easy. I parked my vehicle in a vacant lot. A: Don't they ever check there? B: Never. Not even in the most severe crackdowns. A: You're lucky. I've been cited five times. B: Take my advice. Get a validated parking sticker.

23 A /v/ story – part 1 It was Valentine's Day and Veronica wanted to tell her friend Mark that she had a crush on him. Because they were both single, they decided to have dinner together at a fancy restaurant on Venice Beach. Veronica hoped that they would be able to walk on the beach after dinner. The planet Venus was going to be visible and she thought it would be very romantic to look at the sky together.

24 A /v/ story – part 2 At 7 o'clock, Mark arrived in front of Veronica's house in his black Viper. He was nervous about the date because he was going to tell Veronica that he had been secretly dating her little sister, Vicky, for the past month. He fell in love with Vicky the first time he saw her at Veronica's house. She was giving voice lessons to a child and Mark thought Vicky smelled like sweet violets. He thought it was a nice change from Veronica, who smelled like vinegar.

25 A /v/ story – part 3 At the restaurant, Mark ordered veal while Veronica ordered a vegetable dish. It was very quiet between the two friends. Veronica complimented the view of the ocean, but Mark only nodded. When a violinist began to play a love song at their table, Mark decided to break the news. He felt bad when Veronica's smile vanished, but he also felt relieved that he did not have to hide his relationship with Vicky any longer. Video:


27 Vi øvar på engelsk /w/

28 Oftast som /w/: wearwear wore worn weather woman womenworeworn weatherwomanwomen ” wh ” blir uttalt /w/:whatwhat where why whistlewherewhywhistle ” qu ” blir uttalt /kw/: quickquick liquid quiet /kwa-yit/ quite /kwayt/liquid quietquite ” gu ” blir uttalt /gw/:language ” o ” blir uttalt /w/ i desse orda: oneone onceonce Korleis blir skriftleg ”w” uttalt? Klikk på orda og høyr uttalen

29 W blir ikkje uttalt i desse orda: answeranswer sword toward twoswordtowardtwo wh = /h//h/wholewhole who whom whosewhowhomwhose wr = /r//r/ writewrite wrote written writing wrap wrestle wristwrotewrittenwriting wrapwrestlewrist Klikk på orda for å høyre uttalen. Source:

30 Uttalen av aw - ew – ow: aw blir uttala / ɔ: / au thor, l aw ew blir uttala /ju:/, /u:/, og i nokre ord /ə ʊ / few crew sew ow blir uttala /a ʊ /, og i nokre ord /ə ʊ / cow own

31 One /'w ʊ mən/, two /'wımın/ :

32 Say these words with a correct English /w/:

33 Say these words with a correct English /w/:

34 Say these words, too, with a correct English /w/:

35 Say these words, which contain a /w/:

36 KEY – say the words again: Wwindowsshowerwalrus wheelwagon worm whistle watermelon waitresswhalewatchwave

37 A dialogue with /w/ A: Where do you work? B: In Washington. A: Washington state or Washington DC? B: DC. Why do you ask? A: I was just wondering. B: I'm a window washer. A: Oh really? I thought you were a senator. B: No, I wouldn't do that for all the money in the world.

38 Whether the weather Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not!

39 A /w/ story – part 1 Rudy was a world traveler. Every year he would take wonderful vacations to exotic locations. One year, he would wander around the wilderness of western Australia. The next thing you knew, he was rafting down the wild rapids of the Wisconsin River.

40 A /w/ story – part 2 Rudy never got tired of his one-man adventures. That is, not until he met Wanda, the woman of his dreams. She wished for the life of a rancher's wife in Wyoming. Now, the only time he gets away from home is when he rides to Worland, the nearest town, every other weekend.

41 Windy Wendy (1) By Brenda B. Covert Wendy blew into town one night. The first thing folks saw was her long white hair. Her wild mane went all the way down to the ground! It billowed around her. She wore a dark blue gown. Her eyes were that same color of blue. No one had ever before seen a woman like her. Wally Woodrow pulled a woolly yellow cap over his green hair. He followed Wendy as she wandered down a winding road. She walked toward a weeping willow tree. As the moon lit her tresses, she swung on the long, vine-like limbs!

42 That was a weird thing for a woman to do. Then she curled up under the tree and went to sleep. Wendy awoke at dawn. Dewdrops glistened on her hair. Wally saw her wander across the lawn. Was she a fairy? All she needed were wings and a wand. Wally stayed hidden in the shadows as he walked. A twig snapped. Suddenly, Wendy looked back, and a gust of wind blew by. Windy Wendy (2)

43 Wonderful W By Beth Beutler What can I say about "W"? W is a wonderful letter. I love the "wuh" sound. I like it because it is used only a little, and yet it is used a lot. Let's say, "We want to walk." There, W is used three times. Yet we can say, "She and I desire to stroll," and never use the letter W! The W words are more fun, I think. Words like ”warped”, ”waddle” and ”wise” are fun to say. I am going to try to write a sentence with only words that begin with W. Here goes... Willy whistled while walking with Wendy.

44 Likelydande ord på w- wail whale wale wait weight war wore ware wear where warn worn way weigh whey weal wheel wine whine wrote rote Orda på kvar linje blir uttalte likt. Klikk på linja for å høyre uttalen.

45 Video, lyd og media – engelsk /v/ og /w/ /v//v/ /v/: /v/ videos: Esl gold: /v/ og /f/: /v/and /b/: Japanese discussing /v/ and /f/: /v/ og /w/: /w//w/ /w/ and ”who”: ESL gold: /w/: /w/ and /r/: (subtitled) /h/ and /w/: /w/ discussion: /w/ vs. /wh/ discussion:

46 Why is w called ”double-u”? Why is George W. Bush referred to as ”W”? How to pronounce ”www”: The /w/ reform petition:

47 /w/ i engelske dialektar

48 I standard engelsk blir ”wh” uttala på same måte som ”w”. I skotsk, irsk og sørstats-engelsk blir ”wh” uttala som /hw/. Viss du er spesielt interessert i dette, kan du sjå desse videoane: wheel / heel: witch / which: I desse områda blir wh uttalt som /hw/:



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