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Vi er ikke alene! eBags og kontekst - 16-02-2004 - Allan Hansen

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Presentasjon om: "Vi er ikke alene! eBags og kontekst - 16-02-2004 - Allan Hansen"— Utskrift av presentasjonen:

1 Vi er ikke alene! eBags og kontekst - 16-02-2004 - Allan Hansen (

2 Digital Grafiti Kaj: ”Sæt dine digitale tags med mobilen! Digital graffiti: augmenting the environment without spoiling it” Long (1996), CyBARguide: ”...the user can add personalized information including personal impressions that may be useful for future reference, a type of virtual grafitti.” TagandScan ( ” engelsk firma har opfundet den virtuelle graffiti. Ved hjælp af mobiltelefonen kan man sætte elektroniske "tags" de steder man har lyst til det. Man kan sætte billeder eller blot skrive en tekst. De steder man kan sætte sine tags svarer til steder i den virkelige verden, blot i en elektronisk kopi tilgængelig via nettet.”

3 Områder eBags Lokations baserede systemer (LBS) Kontext baserede systemer (CBS)

4 eBag

5 Den Digitale Skole

6 Skoleportal Århus

7 Ad Hoc Classroom and eSchoolbag Systems Chang and Sheu (2002): Design and Implementation of Ad Hoc Classroom and eSchoolbag Systems for Ubiquitous Learning

8 Ad Hoc Classroom In the Ad Hoc classroom system, teacher and students are able to create an Ad Hoc classroom in outdoor and take lesson anytime. The learning activities are thus can be executed anywhere. Components: –E-Blackboard subsystem –Voice and ImageTransmission subsystem –Powerpoint Broadcasting subsystem –Text Communication subsystem

9 eSchoolbag The eShoolbag system provides students with function of access of the electronic book, knowledge, and teaching material. Through the use of eShoolbag system, students can also download or upload their homework, teacher’s notice announcement, or do exercise anytime and anywhere. Components: –Electronic Book –Electronic Notebook –Electronic Contact Book –Electronic Tool Box –Electronic Scheduler –Electronic Weekly Report –Electronic AddressBook

10 Lokations baserede systemer

11 Ikke en ny ting! 1992: Active Badges –GUID –Broadcast over IR –IR sensorer –Zone baseret 1992: The PARCTAB –PDA baseret –IR sensorer –Zone baseret 1997: The Bat Ultrasonic Location System –Ultralyds impulser –Triangulering

12 BluePosition: BLIS4 Bluetooth Location Information System Zone baseret Triangulering: >5m Applikationer: –BLIS4WS-Lock –BLIS4Phone Hardware: –BlipNode: Class 1 radio that gives Bluetooth coverage up to 100 meter. The Bluetooth coverage can be adjusted/limited to a smaller area.

13 BlueFOAF discover nearby friends with Bluetooth Edd Dumbill: ”It's a nice toy and might have some useful applications. Figure out when your boss is in the office. Find friends at a conference or in a bar.”

14 BlueFOAF The semantic Web Friend-of-a-Friend (FOAF) RDF Edd Dumbill... Simon St.Laurent

15 Kontekst baserede systemer

16 DashBoard The goal of the dashboard is to automatically show a user useful files and other objects as he goes about his day. While you read email, browse the web, write a document, or talk to your friends on IM, the dashboard does its best to proactively find objects that are relevant to your current activity, and to display them in a friendly way, saving you from digging around through your stuff like a disorganized filing clerk.

17 DashBoard & BlueFOAF

18 WWMX Microsoft Research (2002) The World Wide Media eXchange (WWMX) database indexes large collections of image media by several pieces of metadata including timestamp, owner, and critically, location stamp. Imagine a publicly accessible, centralizedindex of all of the photos on the Internet.


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