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Nytt (noen smakebiter) fra den 14. WCTOH, Mumbai, India

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1 Nytt (noen smakebiter) fra den 14. WCTOH, Mumbai, India
MPOWER Røykeslutt – kjempeviktig (UK) Utdeling av røykeplaster (NZ) Bilder på sigarett pakkene uten logo? ”Man on a Mission”

2 2

3 Effekt av røykeslutt/å fortsette
Røykere mister i gjennomsnitt 10(friske) år; Røykeslutt ved 60 år – mister 7(friske) år; Røykeslutt ved 50 år – mister 4-5(friske) år; Røykeslutt ved 40 år – mister 2-3(friske) år; Røykeslutt ved 30 år – mister ca 1(friskt) år; Viktig å slutte – (jo før jo heller) ! Kilde: Sir Richard Peto

4 MPOWER Six Proven Polices to Reverse the Global Tobacco Epidemic
Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies Protect people from tobacco smoke Offer help to quit tobacco use Warn about the dangers of tobacco Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship Raise taxes on tobacco Fortelle om Petos tall for røykeslutt hva du vinner. Samle underskrifter – 29 mai – på UNN på skoler ? På ??? Man with a mission n Dele ut plaster på 31mai fotball kamp ? Starte etterspørsel etter bilder på sigarettpakkene. 4

5 Offer Help to Quit Tobacco Use
Nicotine is addictive Health care system has primary responsibility to treat tobacco dependence Most effective when part of primary health care Quit lines also effective Nicotine replacement therapy can double quit rates

6 Objectives An advocacy campaign to change the way NRT is used in New Zealand Reduce barriers to use of NRT in quitting Change perceptions of NRT as harmful Challenge the ‘over regulation’ of NRT Kilde: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)-B.Youdan –direktør

7 Methods Target all smokers with free NRT at a time when they are unable to smoke Provide small ‘tester’ samples of NRT for smokers to test Remove all medical references and safety information Make contact with smokers in a fast unobtrusive way ASH took legal responsibility for distributing medication

8 Methods Targeted smokers at a Rugby League match
Low SES, high prevalence audience Smoking banned in stadium (only permitted in limited smoking areas) Leaflets containing 2x NRT lozenges handed out to all smokers before match and at half time Leaflet contained contacts for quit services who can provide subsidized NRT Prize draw arranged to encourage feedback

9 Methods

10 Warn About the Dangers of Tobacco
Most people are unaware of full range of health risks of tobacco use, SHS exposure Anti-tobacco ads help change image of smoking Pack warnings are effective, especially if they have pictures covering half of pack 3/4 approve of warnings More than half changed opinions 2/3 want to quit Impact of pack warnings in Brazil 10

11 Man on a Mission Mål: Samle 10 Mill. underskrifter 10,000 bannere
25 km Fokus på ungdom Røykfrie skoler/hjem Røykfrie arbeidsplasser E-post;

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