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Trondheim den 3. oktober 2013 MOOC, Trussel eller mulighet? Direktør Frode Arntsen -Konferansen 2013.

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1 Trondheim den 3. oktober 2013 MOOC, Trussel eller mulighet? Direktør Frode Arntsen -Konferansen 2013



4 • The New, Nonlinear Path Through College • Take It From an Ex-Journalist: Adapt or Die • Most people taking MOOCs already have degrees; they are not in desperate need of education. • The MOOC 'Revolution' May Not Be as Disruptive as Some Had Imagined

5 Popular Science Februar 1923

6 ………the broadcast will "use discourse and technology demonstrations to explore uses of multimedia, national technology trends, design of instructional technology facilities and distance learning technologies." …..Those interested in viewing the videotape can arrange to do so by contacting Farrell's office.

7 - F L I N K - Fleksibel Læring over Internett gir ny Kompetanse Hensikten med dette prosjektet har vært å vurdere behov og marked for programvare som støtter Internettbasert åpen læring. Det er foretatt undersøkelser for å finne det eksisterende omfanget av slik undervisning, og finne hva som eksisterer av programvare allerede. Prosjektet ble gjennomført i perioden januar-august 1996, med støtte fra Norges Forskningsråd.

8 • Courses were text-based yet included primary source documents, animations, interactive graphics, audio slide shows, and streaming videos. • Many free seminars, some courses cost over $500 and offered credit toward a degree. • In 2002, Fathom tweaked its business model in a desperate attempt to generate additional revenue. Specifically, Fathom began to allow non- academic, promotional courses from such organizations as MasterCard International and AARP. • Fathom also shifted its focus from degree programs to corporate training and continuing education. High-quality online learning that reflects the core values of the 13 member institutions in its network, including the London School of Economics and Political Science, Cambridge University Press, The New York Public Library, The University of Chicago and The British Library.

9 • Columbia University closed the for-profit corporation on March 31, 2003 • Columbia invested $25 million in the venture, and 65,000 people created accounts, Fathom failed to turn a profit • Fathom is cited as an example of a handful of "very thoughtful educational technology 'solutions,'" including the University of Illinois's Global Campus, which "failed to meet their stated goal of expanding educational opportunities, most likely because they did not align with student needs, and, hence, were not financially viable."

10 MOOC – hva er nytt?

11 Noen «Moocronymer» • MOOC – Massively Open Online Courses • SMOC – Small and Mediumsize Online Courses • SPOC - Small Private Online Courses • NOOC – Norwegian Open Online Courses








19 Vil tjene mye Vil IKKE tjene Læring «leveres ikke» til studentene men blir til gjennom studentens erfaringer Læring kan «leveres» til studenter og metoden kan optimaliseres gjennom algoritmer og AI ?

20 MOOCs – noen fakta • 180.000 anses som høyeste antall deltagere • Typisk rundt 50.000 hos de store • Teknologiendring og Samfunnsutvikling – 700+ • 700 i Norge er 4x så mange som 180.000 ww…. • Normalt < 10% fullfører – noen < 20% • Automatisk grading 5-20% • Peer Review grading 1-10%

21 Hva er nytt med MOOC? • Åpent • Skalerbart - vokser • Ny pedagogikk ? • Evalueringsformer (Peer evaluation/Machine grading) • Nye aktører (Udacity, Coursera, EdX, Canvas …) • Lovpålagt godkjent i California • Hele grader på nett © Arne Krokan

22 • Many short videos • Some talking heads • Some “worked examples” • Some experiments etc. • On-line papers etc. • Discussion forums • On-line activities • Formative assessments Assessment (and feedback) will need to be • Objective (multiple choice etc.) • Peer review • Self evaluation Learning Design Workflow and Learning Analytics are central The emphasis must be on the student as a self-motivated learner. Hva er innholdet i MOOCs © Hugh Davis @ University of Southampton

23 • enhance reputation • boost recruitment • provide a public service • create more flexible routes for entry • explore new markets • support collaborative provision • improve on-line capability • enable us to become more agile and flexible Motivations for making MOOCs © Hugh Davis @ University of Southampton


25 Siste nytt om MOOC… • Online Classes Move Closer to Degree Programs at Coursera and EdX – (NYT - September 17, 2013/ Chronicle of Higher Education - September 18) • MIT/EdX plans to offer its first XSeries sequence, Foundations of Computer Science, beginning this fall. The computer-science series will consist of seven courses that together “will cover content equivalent to two to four traditional residential courses and take between six months and two years to complete,” • Coursera is offering the Wharton MBA Foundation Series by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for free. Includes introductory courses in financial accounting, operations management, marketing, and corporate finance. Each course is between 6 and 10 weeks long.

26 Fully accredited programmes offered as MOOCs © Hugh Davis @ University of Southampton

27 He had intended to teach his course again, redoing the videos based on what he learned the first time. But he soured on MOOCs when Coursera approached him with the licensing request. "But I also don't want to be part of a movement that is really about helping state universities achieve cost savings at the expense of their own faculty and students."


29 Hvilken rolle tar vi? • Skal vi benytte MOOCs i undervisningen? – Tilnærming – Hva er prisen? • Skal vi levere MOOCs – Til hvem? – Systemvalg – Økonomi

30 er en løsning levert av BIBSYS. Vi hjelper utdanningsinstitusjoner og forelesere slik at de enkelt kan dele sin kunnskap i form av åpne nettbaserte kurs åpner i 2014. Er du interessert i å lage eller etablere kurs på Fyll ut et av skjemaene nedenfor og la oss få vite hvordan passer med dine planer. Vi tar kontakt når vi nærmer oss go-live dato. Utdanningsinstitusjon Foreleser/Kursdesigner


32 Takk for oppmerksomheten Spørsmål? Frode Arntsen:

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