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• Share your position! • Share the excitement! • Increase your safety!

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1 • Share your position! • Share the excitement! • Increase your safety!

2 WGC 2004 gave birth to our idea •The Goal when launching early 2004: Create a superb and well functioning real time 3D. tracker/visualisation solution ready for the 2004 World Gliding Championship. •We delivered: Spectator experiences no one have had before. Some great moments, watching the fights to stay airborne or getting first to goal. Realtime scoring with publication on field and on web.

3 Our vision Leading niche player in a new industry •In 5-10 years, remote sports will commonly be display by aid of digital simulation. •New sports will be commercialised. •This will happen through a fusion of 2 huge industries, computer games and broadcasting. We want to be a leading niche player in this new value chain.

4 Current status •First orders received, we are very proud to have Federation Francaise de Vol a Voile as our first external customer. •First packaged server software and end user applications, •We are currently designing-in a Siemens tri-band solution (US compliance etc.), going from prototype to serial production. •We will visualise the 1st World Sailplane Grand Prix in St. Auban 2005. This is currently the main operational focus. •Next year we shall: –have strong brand awareness. –establish a dealer network. –sell a lage number of vP Trackers to clubs, pilots and competitions. –succesfully enter into other sports.

5 Establishment and management •We established vPos AS spring 2004. –Shareholders are S/NLF, Simula/Silent Wings, Navsys and a number of glider pilots. –We invited all members of the Norwegian soaring federation to invest on equal terms. •The board basically functions as vPos’ management. –We have recently engaged a part time employee. –Product development is mostly performed by partners.

6 Partners had products, merging them was the challenge –NavSys’ GPS/GPRS engineering of world class quality. •Had worked on tracker design since late 2002. •Had a rough draft ready by late 2003. –Silent Wings’ astounding flight simulator applied as viewer. •The flight simulator is currently being released, gives unique 3D representation of the action. •Action can be seen anywhere within the competiton arena –Simula Research Lab. •Had developed a very sophisticated terrain model. •Works best with good data sets, struck a deal with Norwegian mapping authorities for the WGC 2004.

7 The vP tracker •67x64x25mm •SIM card slot •Led indicators •GPS antenna •GPRS antenna Pat. pending

8 vP Tracker functionality •Log and transmission interval user defined. •During WGC we used 4 seconds interval and delayed signals 15min up to last turnpoint. •Memory buffered, transmits data via GPRS whenever signal strength permits. •Battery capacity 10hrs. •Quality of service normally no problem, remember we need no voice quality, we only send batches of data. •Cost of usage normally less than a Euro per day.

9 Examples of live pictures from the event •This was displayed on a large screen in the cantina tent during WGC 2004.

10 Heading for start Red marker represents startline

11 How to pay for this •Experiencing the action key to sponsors’ value. •Our competition viewer opens wholly new possibilities. •Logos can be placed in any form, anywhere (pat. pending). Remote and invisible sports can finally be visualised and attract sponsors

12 Etter WGC 2004 •Coupe de Monde du Vol a Voile 2004, Vinon •Lasham (UK) autumn 2004 •Elverum Open 2005 •NM 2005 •St. Auban June 2005 •Viking Glide, Eskilstuna June 2005 •Pre-world Club Class Championship, Vinon July 2005 •1er Grand Prix Mondial, St. Auban Sept 2005

13 Coupe de Monde du Vol a Voile 2004, Vinon •Had 5 trackers installed every day in different classes •No internet connection onsite, therefore no local visualisation •Main object was to test abroad functionality •Extremely pleased with results, our server received signals almost continuously from all vP trackers •A demo video is available on our web site, powerful example of seeing is believeing

14 Lasham Autumn 2004 •Rained away, had some testing. •Learned a few roaming lessons, local SIM cards preferable! •SIM cards are no std commodity, we have a job in finding those cards and subscription arrangements that suits our needs.

15 Vinon 2005 •Hadde 10 trackere i seilflyene. •Viewer screenshot til web hvert minutt. •Viewer i kantinen i klubbhuset. Skapte stor oppmerksomhet. Noen av klubbmedlemmene lærte seg å bruke vieweren. •Konkurranseledelsen var fornøyd med måten tracking systemet virket.

16 1er Grand Prix Mondial 2005 •10 trackere i operasjon hver dag. •Mange ’custom made’ endringer i SilentWings Viewer. •Stort show i hangaren. Seilflygere kommenterte det de så med mikrofon – show á la Bjørge Lillelien. •Det var mange henvendelser fra folk som ønsket å benytte trackerene og Silent Wings Vieweren i konkurranser. •Alt i alt stor suksess.

17 1er Grand Prix Mondial 2005 •E-post fra Roland Stuck med skryt og takk for resultatet og samarbeidet under SGP i St. Auban. Han uttrykker det så sterkt som at trackingsystemet bidro vesentlig til konkurransens suksess. •E-post fra Roland Stuck med feed back fra det italienske laget vedlagt en kort artikkel i deres nasjonale seilflyblad med positiv omtale. •E-post fra Roland Stuck med kopi av artikkel i en av Frankrikes største aviser, Le Monde, hvor vPos og Silent Wings blir omtalt som en nyvinning sammen med konkurransekonseptet til SGP. Tilbakemelding:

18 1er Grand Prix Mondial 2005 •E-post fra FAI sekretariatet med link til Oz Report, en mye lest verdensomspennende web magasin ( ”e-zine” ) for hang gliding der SGP og vPos Tracker omtales som en stor nyvinning med interesse for hang gliding også. •Henvendelse fra New Zealand om bruk av systemet i deres SGP i januar 2006, et arrangement ryktene sier har fått meget stor sponsorstøtte – så stor at 10 piloter får gratis tur fra Europa for å delta. Tilbakemelding:

19 Spectators: 1er Grand Prix Mondial 2005

20 The 5 key issues going forward 1.Secure funding for serial production. –Additional funding required to implement IGC flight recorder. 2.Start selling. –Demonstrating functionality during 2005 was critical for proof of concept. –Finding the best price model. 3.Expand to other aviation sports. –Adaption and rollout should be easy. 4.Expand to other sports. –Go where the money is; motor sports, sailing, biking etc. 5.Secure longer term viability and opportunities through industrial partnership with other players. –We are not alone, exploit early mover advantage.

21 Value proposition •Taking exisiting and new sports to the public –Creates action visibilty and spectator excitement –Attracts sponsors –Saves broadcasting costs –Simplifies arrangement administration •Increase user experience. –Automatic online log book and track viewing. –Excitement sharing with family and crew. •Increase safety. –Virtual transponder/VHF, but better – online tracking! –Adds a new dimension to search and rescue. –Share data with rescue centrals etc.

22 Price model •HW –vP Tracker unit sold inclusive of basic services 1st year •SW –Basic –and advanced •Subscription –No license cost year 1, included in purchase price –Annual maintenance cost –Price depends on functionality –Advanced can offer security functions, family albums etc. Use revenue model as in mobile telephones

23 Reaching the market •Advertise in all major Europan gliding magzines. –Targeted marketing at moderate costs. •Real time 3D visualisation of 3 targeted competitions. •Exhibitions. •Word of mouth. •First distribution through NAK shop, establishing other partners.

24 Our home page

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